Friday, June 29, 2007

Et Tu, Paul!?

OK, so it pains me to report that Dr. Paul, my choice in the Republican field, is not untainted by the scourge of pork (PDF). I haven't been able to actually get the pdf to load for me, but I will be interested to see what it contains.

While Paul's voting record remains exemplary, I am greatly troubled that he has taken his place at the trough. I guess that partly explains how he has been able to get repeatedly re-elected against the odds.

My only consolation is that at least he fessed up when asked, which is more than can said about most.



Anonymous said...

I support Ron Paul because that PDF is only 65 pages long. I'd hate to see the pages for all the other Congressional candidates. Oh, that would be nauseating.

Michael Morrison said...

This seems to be the explanation for Ron Paul's "pork" projects:
He, like the former Senator Gramm, will oppose vehemently government programs, but when those programs are put into existence anyway, then he wants to see them spending money in Texas.
Dr. Paul will add "earmarks" for his district but -- and this is very important to know -- HE ALWAYS VOTES AGAINST THE BILL, even with his earmarks attached.