Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Coming Soon to a Government Near You!

It is well known that the UK is more advanced in its nanny state policies than the US. It is also well known that the nanny staters here in the US often look to the UK and the rest of Europe for guidance in their quĂȘte de jour so you can bet good money that it won't be long until this kind of nonsense makes its way to our shores.

“We want to target older drinkers, those that are maybe drinking one or two bottles of wine at home each evening,” a Whitehall source said. “They do not realise the damage they are doing to their health and that they risk developing liver disease. We are not talking here about the traditional wino.” (Emphasis Mine)
Naturally, the excuse being made is that since the government has already improperly imposed itself upon the health care system, it can now justify such intrusions into people's personal lives. Sounds familiar, right? The same arguments are routinely made by those seeking to save to people from themselves.

(H/T Elliot Joseph)


Elliott said...

Hi Canis - thanks for the link. You know what: your country's in far remoter danger of this insulting illiberalism than mine. This is largely because you represent a mainstream strand of opinion in the States; in Britain, my (almost identical) view of the world is a marginal irrelevance.

You guys had Ayn Rand and (whatever his faults) McCarthy. We had communism. And it still exists in the British left in a way I hope it never does in America.

Liberty Dog said...

Just two small points of contention:

1) I WISH my views were considered in the mainstream, unfortunately they are not, though they are clearly more accepted on this side of the pond.

2) Ayn was a she, not a he.

You are correct that your country (and continent) are much further along the path of this kind of rubish.